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Free networking event with Special Guest Swanky Socks Founder & Director Tom Lawrence

DATE: 17 June 2020

TIME: 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm NZST

LOCATION: sofa or desk at your home



Formal welcome
Guest Speaker
Guest Speaker Q&A

RSVP: https://hbbornandproud.co.nz/rsvp-to-networking-event/ BY MONDAY 15 June at 5PM

Special Guest:
Tom Lawrence,
Swanky Socks
Founder & Director


About Swanky Socks
Swanky Socks is a fun sock company. They’re manufacturing the softest, most comfortable socks you will ever wear! 100% Guaranteed! Creatively inspired.

About Tom
Tom is a passionate and an experienced start-up entrepreneur whose ambition and expertise has seen him succesfully build a retail fashion brand and corporate marketing product while maintaining a strong focus on giving back through business, and sustaining profitability.
Originally from Hastings, Tom studied various subjects while at university before venturing overseas to pursue a love for rugby, coaching and travel.
On returning to Australia, he spent all but three months in the corporate market before realising his journey was soley focused on building his own venture.
Swanky Socks started as a smart, dress sock company. During a time when sock companies were popping up left right and centre, he diversified into manufacturing for larger brands leveraging off the Swanky Socks brand name.
Tom has always had a genuine vision to help others and through Swanky Socks he discovered the need for fresh socks within homeless shelters. In 2016 Swanky Socks launched their give back program and through this, were nominated as a top five start-up social enterprise in Australia.
Since 2016, Swanky Socks has gone from strength to strength, including diversifying into the custom sock market collaborating with over a thousand organisations both in Australia and on a global scale.
Swanky Socks is built with a strategic vision in mind – to be a profitable company whilst giving back and being completely transparent.

– Zoom has had some upgrades of recent to make the calls more secure. It is one of the most preferred methods of video conferencing software in Hawke’s Bay. 
– You can join the call by ringing in from your home phone or cellphone. You don’t need to actually be on a video call. You just need the ID and password for the call.

I look forward to meeting you all. Don’t forget to bring your non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverage and a smile! 

RSVP: https://hbbornandproud.co.nz/rsvp-to-networking-event/ BY MONDAY 15 JUNE 5 PM

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